Twin Liquors Fine Wine & Spirits

Art Direction, Branding & UX/UI

Since 1937, Twin Liquors has surpassed several decades of changes in the wine and spirits industry, including the historical Prohibition period. This Texas–raised company has established itself as a leading competitor among other liquor stores for a number of reasons, with education as a key factor.

The Team

Jaylynn Davenport

Creative Lead / Kiosk Design / Newsletter Designs / Copywriting / Concepts

Unique Selling Point

Twin Liquors is the only large–scale family–owned liquor store that consistently

adapts to consumer needs and desires in the fine wine & spirits industry by

continuing to educate themselves and their consumers.

Jerry Sanchez

Primary Logo Design / Email Promotions / Brand Assets / Web Design

Abbey Dandy

Secondary Logo Design / App Design / Copywriting / Brand Assets

Tristan Jasso

Newsletter Designs / Brand Assets


The company continuously aims to be knowledgable and helpful for consumers, whether a bar regular or just of age. Twin Liquors prides itself in being a company for all people with a staff that welcomes every customer like family.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Twin Liquors reaches a target audience that values high quality alcohol at affordable prices. This audience includes middle–class individuals 21+ who are interested in learning more about fine wine and spirits.


The new trademark is inspired by 1930s typography posters and is blended with modern design from liquor bottles to create a unique mark that feels timeless.

Brand Voice

The brand voice is educational, familiar and inviting, without being presumptuous.


Title / Headlines


Gotham Bold / Medium

Subhead / Body Copy / Web



To reflect Twin Liquors’ progressive business model, an in–store kiosk system called TabMate will be put in place at all locations for consumers to use in order to find specific brands, gift sets, recipes or items that can be found in the store. TabMate will work as an educational and conventional tool for consumers.

The name TabMate comes from the word 'tab' as in bar tab. Bar tabs are tools that keep track of drinks so that a consumer can pay for them all at once, rather than each time ordering. TabMate works in a similar fashion by keeping track of saved items and recipes until a consumer is ready to use them.

custom – 32.png

Consumers who choose to use TabMate will have access to their lists of saved things, separated by "ITEMS" and "RECIPES" to keep everything organized and easily found when needed.

Consumers can search for a variety of things in store based on a specific brand, variety, recipe, and general description. 

custom – 26.png
custom – 17.png
custom – 27.png

Searching specific recipes will pull the list of items needed to create the cocktail and the steps in concocting it. As a bonus, TabMate will recommend items based on what's in store and what's being promoted at the time. Consumers will be able to learn about cocktails and get an idea of taste before they've bought anything.

Consumers are also able to save recipes to their list, which will appear on their account on any device.

For added convenience, items can be located in any Twin Liquors store so that consumers can more easily find what their looking for rather than walking down aisle after aisle.

custom – 30.png

App Design

The app will work hand-in-hand with TabMate as a mobile database for Twin Liquors’ inventory. Users will be able to order items from the app and access saved recipes.


To ensure the app is used correctly, users will be prompted to provide government–issued identification to use the app and when picking up orders.

Age Warning.png
My Recipes – 1.png
Search Results-Brands.png

Website Look & Feel

The website design focuses on Twin Liquors’ history and emphasizes the knowledge that comes with decades of experience. Viewers can read about the company’s history, see the latest deals, and educate themselves about fine wine and spirits.

Email Newsletters

Promotional emails will be sent out to Twin Liquors members to advertise deals on alcohol, wine tastings, and educational in–store mixology classes.


Brand Assets & Promotional

Twin Liquors' trucks will also get a facelift using the new brand and will be used additionally to deliver shipments to homes, restaurants or venues who've ordered items. Additional branding on packages will carry the brand from the store to the consumer.


Collectible items with exclusive Twin Liquors branding will also be available to consumers online and in store.