Twin Conference

Branding & Website Design

Twins are notorious subjects for research, movies, books or conversational topics. People often wonder if twins can read each others' mind, or feel each others' pain. The Twin Conference is an annual international event that brings multiples and experts together to answer those questions and more.

Unique Selling Point

The unique selling point of this conference is that it is the first of its kind. While there are few social events for twins across the globe, there are even fewer educational congresses to learn about them. The Twin Conference is an annual international conference that blends the two together, bringing twins and twin experts together.


The Twin Conference appeals to epigenetic experts, pediatricians, parents of multiples, psychologists and of course, multiples. This event is designed to bridge the world of twin research and social interaction together for a weekend that is as fun as it is educational.



The trademark is a unique play on the word "twin" with a simplified mark of a chromosome. A chromosome is a threadlike structure that holds the genetic information (DNA) of individuals in the form of alleles and comes in pairs, one from each parent.


This symbol was used in the mark because identical twins share identical DNA, while other twins share mostly similar DNA to each other. The mark, therefore, combines the biological component with a fun, welcoming typeface.

Acumin Pro Semibold Regular

Body Copy / Web

Domus Semibold

Title / Headlines


The Twin Conference website is easily navigable and highlights key speakers at the event, the two–day agenda, and what attendees will take away from the event.

Scroll through the prototype to experience the Twin Conference website. Click between Home, Agenda and Speakers tabs to see the event in full perspective.

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ID Badges

The event badges reflect the identity from the website and pamphlet. On the back, guests (whether a speaker or attendee) have the ability to write down contact information of people they meet and may want to keep in touch with after the event weekend.

ID Badge 3.jpg

Snapchat Filter

Snapchat allows users to have filters overlaying their photos in order to share information with friends; Twins Conference will have these filters available to use once attendees are in the proximity of the conference. Using fun wordplay and sayings about twins, these filters create an engaging social media experience.

Conference Takeaways

Using familiar language known all too well by twins, several giveaway items will allow multiples to let you know how to tell them apart before you've even asked.