Three Square Food Bank

Branding / Art Direction 

Three Square Food Bank is located in Las Vegas and caters to the southernmost counties of Nevada. With an estimated 271,000 people in the area who are food insecure, Three Square Food Bank has partnered with Feeding America to fight hunger and provide not one, but three nutritious meals a day, every day, to those who suffer the most.


Although Three Square has been extremely successful in their efforts to reduce food insecurity, their branding has become outdated and generic among other similiar companies.


A new branding identity and marketing strategy will help to revive Three Square, reestablish their mission statement, and push their agenda further in order to acquire donations for those in need.


That's 1 in 5 children who go without food on a regular basis.


Statistics are provided by Three Square Food Bank and Feeding America. Visit to learn more about food insecurity in Nevada.

Old Trademark


New Trademark


New Identity

The new trademark utilizes the name of the company in a literal sense, as well as nods to the nutritional component that Three Square aims to provide in every meal. The trademark is a fresh design of a timeless icon.

Brand Voice

Three Square's brand voice focuses on community and teamwork, using language that is encouraging, youthful, and honest.

Lato Black

Title / Headlines

Spend a little to save a lot.

Lato Semibold & Regular

Subhead / Body Copy / Web

Three Square aims to provide three nutritious meals a day to those who suffer from food insecurity.

Spend a little

             to save a lot.


The tagline is a powerful tool for accumulating donations and support. It's a play on words that is based on Three Square's statistic that every one dollar donated goes to providing three meals to someone in need.

Donation Box

In order to obtain as many donations as possible, Three Square will have donation boxes placed outside of busy grocery stores for consumers to easily and conveniently donate food products as they walk in and out of the store.


In–Store Markers

Inside grocery stores, non-perishable foods will be marked with tags to identify them to consumers so that those that wish to help can easily purchase the right items to donate.


Advertisements will allow for Three Square to promote their new brand, as well as urge people of Nevada to donate through their website.



Food insecurity occurs when people aren’t able to secure enough food for a healthy diet and active lifestyle at some point during the year."



Food Bank Assets

Three Square often hosts food drives and gives out meals to those in need; therefore, donation boxes and paper food bags branded for Three Square are necessary to exemplify the new identity.