Tame the Beast Cat Treats

Tame the Beast is the new feline standard. The packaging for Tame the Beast features a unique design that lets cat owners have more fun with their feline companions.

Packaging, Branding & Social Media Strategy


Unique Selling Point

Tame the Beast doesn't follow the standard cat food branding and packaging. While most cat brands put cats in the position of authority, Tame the Beast allows owners to take back control in a unique and enjoyable manner.


The logo mark uses two silhouettes in a composition that establishes how cats see themselves, while the name gives the power and pride to the owner. 

Brand Voice

The brand voice is humorous without being tacky. It gives back authority to owners while remaining lovable towards their feline friends.

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Title / Headlines


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Subhead / Body Copy / Web

Package Design

The package design is a key component in the marketing and brand positioning of Tame the Beast. The packaging will advertise honestly and in a minimalistic fashion to push the high–end persona. The imagery of cats in bowties will add a touch of humor and personality that stands out among the competition.


An additional feature of the packaging is the unique drawbridge opening near the base. This feature allows for easy accessibility to the treats without digging around in the box.

The Bowties

Cat owners are encouraged by Tame the Beast to take back ownership of their cat by providing a bowtie on every box of Tame the Beast Cat Treats. The bowties will be fashioned with a fun pattern and can be attached to the cat's collar by looping the paper around & pulling it through the hole. 

Cats own us, but only because we are scared of what they may do to us if we don't feed them on time."


– Anonymous

Social Media

Tame the Beast Cat Treats' platform on social media will be centered around cat owners taking back control through the use of the supplied bowties. Owners are encouraged by the package to use the hashtag #Tamed for a chance to be featured on Tame the Beast's social media outlet on Instagram.


Website Design

The website design for Tame the Beast will feature the same sophisticated imagery as used on the package design, along with minimal elements to enhance the upscale appeal. Tame the Beast Cat Treats will the be the main product for purchase, while other fun Tame the Beast branded materials will also be featured.



Tame the Beast merchandise will be available from the website to purchase to give cats and their owners even more swagger.

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