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Texas State University students and faculty are constantly battling each other when searching for a parking spot on campus. Whether they find a parking spot or not leaves these parkers paying more than they can afford and causes additional issues that could have been prevented.

Research Team

Extensive research and testing of this project were done collaboratively with James Fraley,  Nicole Basta, Charles Messina, and Thomas Petty. Outlining the startup costs for the business model of this project was done primarily by Nicole Basta. Design decisions were made by James Fraley and myself.


Texas State's Parking Services wrote over $1,200,000 in fines to students in 2017, and sold more than double the number of parking spots available on campus in permits to students and faculty. Parking Services has become a monopoly at the university because currently, there are no other parking solutions.


Available spots

Permits sold

Parking services not only overly fines students for unfair parking, but they are notorious for having low customer service, as seen in their 1.5 star review on their Facebook page.

If there was a no–star option I would have selected that. The front line officer I spoke to was absolutely awful... She was no help at all and wouldn't even listen to me. I will never purchase a parking permit or support this establishment in any way! I have never been so disrespected before!"


– Ana on Facebook


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ParkBoss is an app that allows homeowners living in the Texas State University area to rent out their own personal spaces to students and faculty in search of parking. ParkBoss is a convenient and guaranteed way for parkers to find a spot, while homeowners can earn passive income while they are away from home.


ParkBoss appeals to two audiences; the commuting students and faculty of Texas State University, and the homeowners in the area. 


Without ParkBoss, students can continue to pay high amounts of money for non-guaranteed spots on campus; park illegally when spots are unavailable and risk facing fines up to $300; or ride-share using Uber or Lyft, which quickly adds up day–to–day.

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App Design

The app design shown here applies to the commuting students and faculty. Several measures were taken when designing the app to ensure that homeowners would feel comfortable with students or faculty parking on their property while they were away.

To begin, once users log on, they are given the chance to filter their preferences so that only relevant spots are presented on screen.

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When interviewing students and faculty, we found that the majority felt more comfortable in leaving their vehicle at a homeowner's property when they could see exactly the parking spot they were reserving.

App users will be able to select a parking spot based on price per hour, distance from location, type of parking spot, and type of vehicle they drive. 


The most important component of the app is safety and protection. To deter theft or damage to property, parkers are prompted to photograph the parking spot upon arrival and after finishing their reservation. This helps ensure that if anything happens to the homeowner's property, the parker will have valid evidence to present as needed.

Website Design

The website design is separated by audience to keep the site organized and easily navigable. Features of the website include the steps to take in renting a spot or renting out a spot and access to download the app.


Parking Assets

Homeowners and parkers will be given special tags and stickers to mark their property or vehicle, in order to provide quick identification to either parties. This helps assure that vehicles are parked in the correct spots.


Marketing Strategy

As a promotional tactic, small flyers will be placed on campus on vehicles that have been given a parking ticket. The flyers use brand language to entice drivers to download the app and not put up with the BS anymore.

Door hangers will be used to target homeowners, enticing them to download the app or to check out the website. 


Is this possible?

The cost of a startup company can add up quickly. With considerations of this, the business model has been outlined here.