Goat Dockless Scooters

Art Direction, Branding, UX/UI, Advertising

In the past year, there has been an overwhelming amount of scooters stampeding through Austin. They have been both a convenience and a hassle to the community. GOAT is a new ground–up scooter company created by Austinites who want to break any bad stigma about dockless scooters.

The Team

Jaylynn Davenport

Logo Design / Rider and Owner App Design / Copywriting  / Ad Concepts / Some Video & Photography

Kristen Coburn

Advertisement Design Layout / Icon System Development / Social Media Marketing / Some Video

Unique Selling Point

GOAT is a locally owned Austin company who not only rents scooters out but sells them too. Young entrepreneurs and business–minded people are offered the opportunity to buy and rent out their own fleet of GOAT scooters to the Austin community.

Abbey Dandy

Social Media Marketing / Website Design / Blog Content / Copywriting

Dania Liz

Videography / Photography / Audio Editing / Fleet Design / Ad Concepts

Tirah Kensinger

Advertisement Design Layout / Helmet Design / Podcast Script / Ad Concepts / Some Video & Photography


The mission is to provide quick and easy dockless transportation the right way by bridging the gap between small business owners and consumers. GOAT works directly with city officials and community members and strives to enhance the communities it enters, not to trample them.

Primary Logo



Because GOAT offers a unique spin on electric scooters, there are two audiences to appeal to—

Riders: by creating a safe and responsible means of transportation for short-term mobility.

Fleet Owners: a straightforward way to start a business and begin earning passive income.


Inspired by vintage car graphics, the trademark is a modern spin on a classic design. It is vibrant and eclectic, much like the Austin community. 

Brand Voice

The GOAT brand voice is fresh and forward-thinking, yet mindful and considerate of the communities in which they reside.

Favicon​ / App Icon

Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Bold

Title / Headlines

Asset 3-11.png

Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Regular

Subhead / Body Copy / Web

Asset 6-11.png

Photography Style

The photo style is vibrant and lively, using unique photo effects inspired by disposable cameras. The randomized flares and date stamps give the vintage feel while modern attire pulls together the color palette.


Rider App Design

The app for GOAT riders is easily navigable and provides important details that keep the rider safe and knowledgeable. Key features include on-screen tips on riding and rules of the road, as well the option to post to Instagram using the hashtag #GoatAnywhere to share their experience.

iPhone X – 3.png
iPhone X – 7.png
iPhone X – 6.png

Apple Watch Access

Apple Watch compatibility allows riders with Watches to see their ride cost and end the ride right at their wrist without taking their phone out. This feature creates a safer and more convenient user experience by allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road more frequently.

Watch 42mm – 2.png
Watch 42mm – 3.png

Owner App Design

The Owner App focuses on the entrepreneurial components of owning a fleet. An owner will have the accessibility to quickly view his or her fleet and the status of each scooter; see available 'Herders' to pick up scooters; send messages and pay multiple Herders at once; and learn the most viable times to have scooters out in the field and where to release them for maximum income opportunity. 

iPhone X – 4.png


This video will play on the landing page of the website to give viewers a glimpse of what GOAT is. Scooters in the video are provided by Bird.

Website Design

Keeping consistent with a modern twist on classic style, the website features both a riders' and owners' page with important information, frequently asked questions, link to download the app, and social media access.


The blog will be a key feature to the website and will allow potential GOAT entrepreneurs a peek into what it's like owning their own fleet of scooters. Articles will include information on relevant studies, events, and news in Austin to keep fleet owners up–to–date. 

Scroll down through the prototype & click to view the Rider's page and then the Owner's page. From the Owner's page, click the button "Check out our Blog" to view the Blog page.

Social Media

Social media allows the community to interact with the brand. By advertising on Instagram, GOAT is able to connect with potential riders and owners; provide quality customer service; and connect GOAT with future users.


Instagram posts will include animations for correct riding standards, posts from the community who use the hashtag, and photography from GOAT, all based on the photo style mentioned earlier.

Asset 7-11.png


Short animations will be educational for users on who GOAT is and will include quick facts such as safe riding tips and how to own a fleet.

The Scooter

The fleet features the bold colors from the color palette with minimal touches of the logo. Riders will also be provided free branded helmets to ensure they are riding safely.

helmet_side_blue 2.png


Marketing strategies include print and guerilla advertising using witty, on–brand language that piques interest. Specific ads will target riders or fleet owners in spaces  such as the Austin Business Journal and the Austin Metro Bus Stops.



GOAT strives to connect and interact with the community. Advertising with local Austin podcast stations, such as The Honey Pot Pod, Being Human, and Planet Money, allows GOAT to reach consumers with an approachable voice.


This example podcast was recorded by The Honey Pot Pod, an Austin based podcast dedicated to living well, building relationships and having fun. GOAT partnered with them because their listeners and message align with each other.

The Scooter Company That Gives a Buck - Honey Pot Pod